PHB Electro Mechanical

Ways Better

Industrial Electrical/Mechanical Contractor

PHB EM specialise in providing Industrial Electrical and Mechanical
support and solutions to workshop machines and production lines in
the automation industry. Fast and reliable service is a key to our and
your success. We can maintain and repair at good and affordable
costs putting effort on quality workmanship and not as much on


Industrial Electrical/Mechanical based in Sydney

Available to travel

Specialising in maintenance and repairs


Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Gearing devices

Manufacturing CNC

Experience with PLC and Industrial Control Systems


Relay logic on older machines and devices

We also offer...

  • Wiring, installation, and termination of mains and power supplies
  • Wiring of general equipment including socket outlets and lighting
  • Panel wiring and upgrades, industrial panel rewiring and cleaning
  • Factory relocations, disconnection and reconnection of plant equipment
  • Factory wiring of power, lighting and control systems
  • Electrical test and tagging
  • Field electrical equipment installation
  • Instrumentation wiring and shielding
  • Wiring and installation to AS3000 rules
  • Wiring cabling protection and support
  • Wiring replacements and upgrades
  • Wiring VSDs, Servos, Distributed Motor Controls, DC Motors, Starters

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